The destructive anti-developmental force

Published on 5 February 2023 at 14:04


There is a destructive force at work in human affairs, so pervasive and multi-faceted that we scarcely perceive it. Yet we are all subject to it. We all feel it and are influenced by it – and at times are controlled by it. This energy is intelligent, highly deceptive, and profoundly destructive in its effects. It is a force that opposes human development, life, love, and joy.

It is a force of envy – fundamentally envy of life itself. It creates and feeds off human misery. It acts to discourage, and to undermine hope. It mocks decency, integrity, and truth.

Wherever this force is active, it perverts, twists, and reverses all that is good and in the service of life. It seeks to corrupt, whilst masquerading as benign.

Where it is active in the body, it creates illness.

Where it is active in the mind, it creates mental illness.

Where it is active in relationships, it foments distrust and attacks love and vulnerability.

Where it is active in sexuality, it creates destructive perversions and abuse infused with hatred.

Where it is active in spirituality, it creates oppressive and life-denying religions.

Where it is active in international relations, it creates war.

Where it is active in our body’s subtle energy systems, it creates reversals.

This is a force that disguises itself. Most significantly it can appear as the personal psychological. It will indeed exploit and amplify psychological traumas, fears, and conflicts – but its nature and origins lie far deeper. It is a force that operates through lies.

Many have glimpsed this force, some more clearly than others – but its essence is beyond our grasp and comprehension. In the bible, it is referred to as the serpent, or Satan. In Freudian psychoanalysis, it is referred to as the death instinct. In Kleinian psychoanalysis, it is destructive envy. In the body, we see it as cancer. All of us with introspective awareness feel it as an obscure and perplexing desire to destroy. In times of war, it is unleashed without restraint.

Whilst any sense of fully understanding the nature, origins, and function of this force will be illusory, it is clear that for healing in any sphere, the play of this anti-developmental energy has to be countered. A key step is to detect it. In the Blue Diamond field, and in other forms of energy healing, and in prayer, we can request guidance on countering this fundamental source of suffering.

Phil Mollon