Meridian-Emotion links

Published on 15 February 2023 at 16:42

Typical thoughts and emotions associated with tapping points


Side of hand (small intestine)

I am in conflict about this problem/issue


Eye brow (bladder)

I am in shock – traumatised – sad.


Outside eye (gall bladder)

I am full of rage


Under eye (stomach)

I am anxious and afraid


Under nose (governing vessel)

I am embarrassed

I am thwarted

I am helpless – not in control of my life


Chin (central vessel)

I feel shame or humiliation


Collar bone (kidney)

I need to release accumulated tension and stress


Liver point (under breast/nipple)

I am full of toxins – or toxic experience – I have been poisoned


Under arm (spleen)

I feel trapped

I am insecure


Thumb (lung)

I cannot breathe – I am suffocating


Index finger (large intestine)

I feel guilt


Middle finger (heart protector/pericardium/circulation-sex)

I feel hurt and threatened in matters of the heart

My sexuality is blocked


Little finger (heart)

I am angry

My heart is wounded.


Back of hand/gamut point (triple warmer/thyroid)

I am stressed

I am depressed

I am in pain                                                     


Phil Mollon Feb 2010