Meridians and the parallel realm

Published on 1 April 2023 at 02:29

Meridian lines and the parallel realm

In energy psychology work we often guide the client to tap on acupoints. When the ‘thought field’ is tuned to a target issue (such as an emotional state, a memory, a trauma, an anxiety, a core belief, or a psychodynamic conflict), tapping on acupoints will rather mysteriously cause this to dissipate or transform. Why does this happen?

One hypothesis is that acupoint tapping sends signals to the brain, including the limbic system and the cortex, disrupting the looping emotional responses and enabling the memory (or imagined situation) to reconsolidate without the emotional charge. This hypothesis has been favoured by David Feinstein.

Another hypothesis draws on the work of materials scientist (physicist) William Tiller, who conducted unusual research exploring the way that a meditative state of mind can induce, via a simple electrical device,, subtle shifts in the laws of physics – revealing a ‘higher gauge’ level of reality that is responsive to intention. He also found that the human subtle energy system operates at this ‘higher gauge’. Thus, when we activate the acupuncture meridians, we are engaging this higher realm of reality that responds to our healing intention.

A further hypothesis is outlined in my book on Blue Diamond Healing (Karnac, 2022). A complex interplay is described between higher dimensional structures within our matter-based realm and those within a parallel, more etheric, realm. The subtle energy system flows from this parallel realm. When the matter-based and parallel realms are brought together, they bring about a mutual dissolution and release of energy – in a manner analogous to the encounter between matter and anti-matter.

At a fundamental quantum level, particles and anti-particles continually emerge from the zero point field of the vacuum, but almost instantly annihilate each other. We may hypothesise that this pattern is fractal, repeating at every dimensional level. Thus, we may suppose that as we emerge (incarnate) into our physical form, we all also evolving in a parallel anti-matter realm. The two realms are separate but have a complex phasing interaction which, under optimal conditions, is mutually healing and cleansing.  When we activate the meridians we are engaging the subtle energy of the parallel realm – causing our problematic states of mind to dissipate. The higher gauge realm of William Tiller may also correspond in part to the parallel realm.

The three hypotheses of the mode of action of acupoint tapping – [1] the disruption of a brain patterning; [2] the activation of a ‘higher gauge’ realm that responds to intention; [3] the engagement of energies from the parallel – may all be true, but at different dimensional levels.

You may also obtain a similar healing effect by ‘hugging’ your parallel self – a structural part of the self within the parallel realm, who can be accessed in meditation. Another procedure is the technique of ‘healing on the silver pathway’ described in the Blue Diamond Healing book.

With all propositions within the field of Blue Diamond Healing, the appropriate stance is to accept that none of these interlocking hypotheses may be true – but to work as if they might be true and see what happens. Many people find the results can be very surprising.