Where is the Blue Diamond on the human body?

Published on 6 May 2023 at 15:29

Here is an image of the location of the Blue Diamond energy centre on the human body - just under the collar bones, and also just under the K27 kidney meridian points. In Blue Diamond Healing, we conceptualise this as the centre of a 12-point grid that covers the human body. These grids are envisaged as repeating fractal patterns throughout the cosmos. The Blue Diamond is always at the centre - providing a direct access to the highest realms. It can be thought of as a portal to a person's highest healing dimensions. In addition, it can be considered the still point at the centre of two counter-rotating merkaba fields. In this way the Blue Diamond can be very helpful as an aid in meditation. Blue Diamond healing can be thought of as a kind of anatomically assisted prayer. A recommended position is to hold two fingers of the left hand on the Blue Diamond point and the other hand on the heart chakra underneath