What is the Blue Diamond

Published on 12 April 2023 at 19:33

This image, beautifully created by Steve Glass (2023) and used with permission, shows a constellation of 12-point grids - the true organic tree of life - the deep structure of our higher dimensional incarnation. There is a large 12-point grid that contains 4 smaller 12-point grids. It also displays a series of organic crosses. This particular constellation represents a very high level of the stairway to God-Source. We are all built on these organic grids, although they can undergo various kinds of distortions. At the centre of each 12-point grid is a point I call the Blue Diamond. This Blue Diamond point functions as a structurally direct path to Source. On the human body, this is just under the collar bones in the centre (just under where a tie knot would be). When combined with a prayer-like, humble and sincere stance, the use of words and intention at this Blue Diamond point can have extraordinary effects. If you gaze on this image, it will convey much higher dimensional information, even though you might not consciously decode it. This image can itself be used as a representation of the Blue Diamond.