On 'False Thoughts' and their origins

Published on 5 April 2023 at 13:53

On ‘false thoughts’ – their nature and origins

It is not uncommon for a person to have a particular thought or perspective, feeling it to be their own, but later to wonder “what got into me?”. Sometimes such thoughts lead to actions – resulting in a subsequent puzzlement along the lines of “what possessed me to do that?”.

The usual assumption might be that such thoughts represent repressed, split-off, or ‘shadow’ aspects of self. In many instances, this may be the case. However, sometimes another possibility might be considered – that such thoughts are indeed not that person’s own.

The following speculation rests on two assumptions, neither of which are widely accepted. The first is that dynamic energies affecting the content and emotions of minds are not confined to the individual brain but exist in the collective, moving relatively easily between minds. Sometimes the Jungian archetypes are spoken of in this way. The second assumption is that energies of destruction, of opposition to life and love, coexist with those of positive growth and evolution – that whatever is good may be attacked by forces of extreme envy. These destructive energies correspond to the Freudian ‘death instinct’, particularly as further elaborated by Melanie Klein, but might also be considered to reside in transpersonal domains as well as the individual mind. In this way they might be compared to Judith Swack’s concept of ‘overtangles’, malign constellations of energy and information that link individuals and groups.  

The conventional explanatory perspective that applies to most aspects of life is that we exist within a matter-based realm. Phenomena that intrude from outside this paradigm are considered anomalous or ‘paranormal’. However, if we take the paranormal seriously, we may instead conclude that we live within a multidimensional matrix alongside many other life-forms or conscious constellations of energy (obviously not carbon-based) – some of which may be hostile or parasitic in relation to the human species. It is from within this multidimensional matrix that we might locate the source of some of the ‘false thoughts’ (including ‘false memories’) that periodically emerge and take possession of individuals and groups.


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