Healing with the parallel self

Published on 11 April 2023 at 13:26

Suggested protocol for healing with the parallel self

“Quantum mechanics implies that the whole of space is filled with pairs of ‘virtual’ particles and antiparticles that are constantly materialising in pairs, separating and then coming back together again and annihilating each other. These particles are called virtual because, unlike ‘real’ particles, they cannot be observed directly with a particle detector. Their indirect effects can nonetheless be measured.”

(Stephen Hawking. The Quantum Mechanics of Black Holes. In Black Holes and Baby Universes. BCA Publications. 1993. Page 107)

The following simple procedure draws on the principle that dissolution of a problem occurs at the interface of the present and parallel self. This is analogous to the way that particles and anti-particles (matter and anti-matter) continually emerge and annihilate one another, as described in the quote above. The rationale for postulating the existence of the parallel self, intricately phasing with the present matter-based self, is outlined in detail in the Blue Diamond Healing book (Karnac 2022). When the two selves, separate but structurally related, embrace or hug, a healing process may occur. Usually, but not always, the parallel self (accessed in a meditative state) is experienced as the opposite gender to the present self. Accessing and communing with the parallel self can be enriching in many ways and can remove the sense of inner loneliness. Here is one way to explore healing with the parallel self:

  • Both client and practitioner hold the target issue/problem in mind
  • Bring to mind your parallel self and the client’s parallel self (both are pictured facing you/your client sideways, at right angles)
  • Silently or aloud, request the energies of the parallel flow to the present self
  • Silently or aloud issue the command “Fuse” – thinking of your and your client’s parallel self fusing with the present self
  • Draw breath in – you will feel the effect – you may utter aloud “Feel the healing now”
  • Hold the breath for a few moments
  • Then silently or aloud utter the command “Release”
  • This can be repeated, but it may not need to be